Today is Different provides business workshops, retreats and consulting for professional photographers in Sydney, Australia.

about the team

Hi, I’m Robyn Mayne

FB1-300x300I am a portrait photographer and a workshop facilitator. I am passionate about what I do and thrive amongst people who are creative, innovative and also love what they do. I am in my element in conversations where ideas are spread and opportunities are discovered.

Before you choose to work with me here are a few random things that you should know. I am:

  • A fanatical believer that customer experience is the foundation of business (all business!).
  • A brainstormer and mind-mapper (I have whiteboards in my bedroom!).
  • A believer in the importance of life balance (even if I don’t always achieve it!).
  • An encourager of big dreams (mine and yours!).
  • A sometimes risk taker (and sometimes not!).
  • An over-user of exclamation marks!!!

I cut my teeth in the corporate world in sales, marketing and customer experience. I have a ton of experience in both sales management and customer strategy. I also have my own small business and understand the challenges and the pain – and the more than occasional joy of trying to do it on your own.

Thanks for your call, this is Peter Baumann,

A photographer by trade, I never really found my niche. I dabbled in commercial, corporate, events, weddings, portraits, sports, you name it. Until I realised that my real passion was in the business and how it works. Why some businesses flourish and others flounder.

As a self confessed Ad-oholic I’m fascinated by marketing and advertising. I’ve been known to fast forward the shows to watch the ads. Most people claim not be influenced by advertising, I’m proud of it. I’ll gladly go without, rather than hand over my ‘hard earned’ to someone who hasn’t thought creatively to gain my attention then treated me well once they have it. I’ve never shopped anywhere with the name ‘R US.

But it’s the sales process that really consumes me. Why people buy, the psychology of the sale, what really goes on inside our heads that draw us towards some businesses and repels us from others? I wont buy ‘the fries’ even if I’m hungry, purely on principal.

Luckily for me these workshops and retreats combine all of my passions (some may say obsessions) in the one place. I look forward to sharing a couple of days with you and learning more about your business.


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